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Projects begin by meeting with a client to discuss intentions and explore ideas. One of designz greatest assets is respecting a client’s viewpoint and suggestions, another is being honest when a proposed concept may be off the mark. The ultimate goal is for the project to exceed expectations. When a good relationship is established with a client, it allows for mutual focus to achieve the goal and some leeway to think outside the box.

CLIENT: Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network (ASAN)
PROJECT: brochure to promote awareness and increase membership

The Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network (ASAN)is a network of farmers, consumers, and agriculture-related organizations, all committed to promoting sustainable agriculture. ASAN’s mission is to support conservation practices, families who grow and consume natural food and fiber, and the communities where they live.

With a limited budget, ASAN marketing projects were typically created in-house by members. Skill set was less important than the willingness to tackle the project at hand. To help elevate the quality of their materials and attract new members, the sitting president reached out to designz for a professional voice.ASAN old brochure design

The new project first involved evaluating current content and analyzing how the brochure would function in practical use. It was determined that a tri-fold remained a good format, but that the mailing panel was no longer needed. ASAN brochures were mostly distributed at local functions as handouts. Using this space for additional content was a better way to go. Another change was to streamline the old, detailed membership form and steer people to the website to sign up. Again, this gave valuable space for images while also increasing online traffic.

ASAN brochure project concept design ideas ASAN new brochure cover design

designz wanted more photographic imagery for the new piece and discovered talent among ASAN members. This combination of stock and original photography gave the brochure a fresh, unique feel and let the agriculture command attention. The first round of designs established different concepts of execution for the brochure. From the chosen concept, additional image options and detailed layouts were presented. Final rounds included tweaks to the copy and precise inks for the color palette.

ASAN new brochure design

The end result was a dramatically new, eye-catching brochure. It inspired ASAN to update their logo and has helped them attain greater professionalism and membership in the community. At production time the printer said “the brochure artwork is beautiful,” a comment seldom heard in conjunction with farming literature.

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